Dean-Yang Flutes


Dean Yang Alto Dean Yang Alto


ALTO Curved or straight headjoint with Sterling Silver lip plate $1,799
ALTO Both curved and straight headjoints with Sterling Silver lip plate $2,199
ALTO Curved or straight Sterling Silver headjoint $2,499
ALTO Both curved and straight Sterling Silver headjoints $2,999

The Dean Yang Flute…

Embouchure holes are hand cut on all models and are play tested during the cutting process to guarantee tonal sonority, response and projection from each flute.

Each flute has precise tone hole placement and sizing drawn to professional specification to assure correct seating and impeccable intonation.

The Dean Yang Scale is the most advanced scale available today. It is the result of years of study and testing by professional flutists and skilled technicians.

High quality treated double-skin pads are hand set and leveled with paper shims to prevent leakage, provide longevity and ensure precise seating.

Concealed adjustment screws on all models give a streamlined appearance with professional touch capabilities and easy repair access.

Keys are artistically designed for comfort and smooth technical facility as well as a pleasing sculptured appearance.

Extra section pins are used for added strength and reduced maintenance.

Rib construction features a solid, one-piece design, providing deep-anchored secure post mountings and secure rod and key alignment.

All plated flutes are created using a special plating process for lasting beauty and durability.

The Gizmo key (High C Facilitator) is standard on all B-foot models.

Before delivery, each flute is tested and “fine tuned” by professional flutists to ensure that the instrument’s mechanical features are as pleasing as its aesthetic qualities.